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BMT is a young company that began
its journey in the year 2012.

Its young leaders are part of a
Galician family from the province of Pontevedra,
dedicated to Traveler Tourist Transport
since 1930, founded by D. Aurelio Garcia Casqueiro, continued by his son and now for the following generations.

BMT born with the aim that all young people should have and the experience that their ancestors have given them day by day.

The purpose of BMT is to provide transportation throughout Europe in an efficient and unique mediating between shippers, wholesalers and retailers both Spanish and foreign.

We adapt to our customers needs. We met cost optimization of both parties. We get quality service above all.



- Bus services in Europe for turistic
- Buses for specific services.
- Transfers with unlimited number
  of passengers in European cities.
- Transfers and VIP services across Europe.
- Professionalism and accountability in all services contracted
  supervising them and solving any issues that may arise.
- 24 hour operative service and resolvent for 365 days a year.

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